Global EduHub partners Suzhou government to open preschools

Global EduHub selected by Suzhou government to set up preschool network

Suzhou (China), 25 February 2017 – Global EduHub, Singapore’s leading education services provider with over 20 years of experience in the preschool sector, has been chosen by the Suzhou government to operate 5 new schools in the Gusu district starting from 2018. Global EduHub was selected over other US and UK brands, for its exceptional track record in operating preschools and award-winning curriculum such as the “Habits of Mind”, a popular framework from the USA that trains intelligent thinking in children and is also used by Singapore’s Ministry of Education to groom intellectually gifted students. Global EduHub manages a network of 12 brands and over 50 schools across Singapore, Australia and China. The upcoming preschools will be operating under the brand of Mulberry Learning, with a total built-up area of over 50,000 square metres and house over 2,500 students.

Executive Director of Global EduHub, Mdm Cici Koh, said, “Mulberry Learning is the only preschool network in the world which offers the “Habits of Mind” and we are excited to introduce this to the China market. We are honoured that the Suzhou government has chosen us over other operators, knowing that our 20 years of preschool experience and unique curricular expertise enables us to provide high quality preschool offerings that can positively impact the lives of thousands of families and children in China.”

She added, “Few companies have as diverse educational portfolio as us. Across each business segment, we focus on creating unique and high-quality experiences for children and parents through our quality educators and in-house research and development team. Building trust with families is important, and will always form the core of what we do. This DNA will follow us as we expand to Suzhou and other parts of China in the future.”

Established since 1995, Global EduHub has 11 other brands in preschool education, after-school student care, enrichment, educational published and children’s entertainment. It has over 500 staff in strength and is highly regarded as one of the leading preschool and student care operators in Singapore. This expansion marks an important milestone in the group’s overseas growth plans and will see the group’s quality preschool management systems, award-winning curriculum and teacher training expertise being introduced in Suzhou.