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Did you recently hear your friends complaining that they can’t seem to get a preschool or childcare space? Well, you’re not alone in making this observation. In fact, according to the latest government statistics, the demand for childcare in Singapore still outstrips supply, so you will likely continue to hear of more schools opening up each month. Here are some points to consider if you are interested in investing in a childcare franchise.

A stable, recession proof sector with a noble purpose

The good news for you is that the preschool sector is fairly recession proof and stable, which makes for a good business to invest in amidst the global market turmoil and uncertainties in a post-Brexit, post-Donald Trump world, and even a post-Covid world. Also, investing in a childcare franchise gives you the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of many young children and their parents. In order to maximize your chances of success, we would suggest that you should choose a preschool brand that parents are familiar with, and one that has a unique selling proposition.

Benefit from owning a business without having to worry about operational issues

Being a business owner sounds good, but actually owning a B2C business usually comes with the dreaded task of having to deal with day-to-day operational issues, customer complaints, and also regulatory compliance with ECDA in the case of preschools. Not everyone enjoys handling these issues, and if you fall in this category, you may just be hoping that you can outsource these day-to-day issues to someone else, but still have a share of the spoils in the growing business. We’re proud to inform you that we are one of the few franchisors out there able to offer you a Franchise with Management model, so you can “have your cake, and eat it too.”

Select a franchise organization who supports your growth

You may have heard of organizations who choose to grow extremely fast through franchising, only to be found later to be lacking in franchisee support. We are not one of those organizations. To us, building trust is important, and we believe that your success is ours too. We are in no hurry to grow through franchising, nor do we join the rat race to have as many franchise outlets as we can. Instead, we pace ourselves and stick to our belief in providing the best quality support as a franchisor. Due to this commitment, we have been awarded as the “Promising Franchisor of the Year” by the Franchising and Licensing Association of Singapore.

Decide which brand you’re keen on

We have 3 preschool brands and 1 student care brand currently available for franchise in Singapore or overseas.

Mulberry Learning
Country: Singapore / Overseas
Type: Infant Care, Childcare
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Little Green House
Country: Singapore / Overseas
Type: Infant Care, Childcare
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Little Green Castle
Country: Overseas only
Type: Childcare
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Country: Singapore / Overseas
Type: Student Care
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