Innovative Future-Ready Curriculum

Global Eduhub believes that children are our future. As a child grows up and enters the community and the world, they will start to shape it according to the values and knowledge that they have been taught when they were young. With the world becoming increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous, every child needs to be ready for the future. At Global Eduhub, we prepare children for the future through our innovative curriculum, passionate educators and quality operations, in partnership with parents and the community.

Established in 1995, Global Eduhub is a leading educational organisation headquartered in Singapore with over 10 brands and 50 schools across multiple countries. Over the years, more than 10,000 children and parents’ lives have been positively impacted through our businesses in the 5 educational segments of infant care, childcare, student care, enrichment and educational publishing. Parents and children all around the world have applauded us for our innovative future-ready curriculum, passionate educators, and delivery of quality education.

Did You Know?

  • Global EduHub is ranked among the top private childcare and preschool operators in Singapore, with over 20 centres islandwide.
  • Global EduHub is one of the top student care operators in Singapore with school-based student care centres in more than 20 Primary Schools across the country.
  • Global EduHub is well-known for its innovative program offerings, having won multiple awards, including the “Young Parents SG Parents’ Choice Award”, “Parents World Best of the Best Preschool Award”, “Singapore’s Child Best Preschool Award” and “Promising Franchisor of the Year Award”.
  • Global EduHub provides specialized teacher training programmes, and specialized learning programmes for students at various public schools under Singapore’s Ministry of Education.