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According to HR experts, companies which have a good staff welfare programme are able to more easily motivate their employees, raise overall productivity, reduce staff attrition and improve organizational loyalty. With educational expenditure high on the priority list for many families with young children, Global EduHub is pleased to partner companies to extend special corporate rates when company staff enrol in our network of preschools, childcare and student care services islandwide.

To date, many organizations have signed on with us. Among the list are these examples:

·    Government Investment Corporation of Singapore (GIC)
·    DBS Bank
·    Deutsche Bank
·    PricewaterhouseCoopers
·    Deloitte
·    Ernst & Young
·    SingHealth
·    Fullerton Healthcare Group
·    Ministry of National Development

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Create a Marketing Collaboration

Do you have a product or service which will appeal to families with young children? If so, there may be an opportunity to form a mutually beneficial marketing collaboration with us. Our goal is always to offer the best quality experiences, products or services to the thousands of young children, students and parents across our schools, so there are opportunities to achieve this goal while building brand awareness or exposure for your organization. We are constantly on the lookout for new ideas and offerings, so start a discussion with us by clicking the button below.

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Sponsor Underprivileged Children

Several times a year, our kids entertainment brand “Gloobaloo” organizes ticketed large-scale performances targeted at young children and their parents. These performances help to inculcate positive values in young children through a musical extravaganza, and it is our hope to bring as many children as possible to these shows. While we already subsidize ticket prices for these children, unfortunately there are many who are still unable to afford these shows. As a result, we are on the lookout for organizations who are willing to sponsor groups of underprivileged children to attend these shows, in exchange for brand exposure and goodwill. Sponsorship packages start from as low as $1,000, so do reach out to us today!

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