Nurturing The Future Ready Child

An intelligent thinker, an eloquent speaker, a confident presenter, and an innovative problem solver: these are the many hats a Mulberry Learning child can wear. 

For children to acquire these future-ready skills, Mulberry Learning employs a holistic curriculum that integrates the best of globally recognised pedagogies: Habits of Mind, Reggio Emilia, and Multiple Intelligences. Established in 2006, our award-winning Reggio-inspired preschool brand welcomes children at over 15 locations island-wide.

Every child can look forward to a fun bilingual learning experience like no other through our iDevelop/iExperience/iExplore/iLearn framework. Children will learn, grow and develop through our comprehensive and holistic curriculum that instils core skills and knowledge, alongside intelligent thinking habits and dispositions needed to excel in the future world. 

“A child’s imagination runs free in our vibrant learning haven!”

At our award-winning Reggio-inspired preschool, children have the space to explore freely and express themselves in their own unique ways. Children can play and learn in our vibrant learning spaces, filled with plenty of natural sunlight that provides a seamless transition between the outdoors and indoors.

“At Mulberry Learning, children find the confidence to explore the world and express themselves freely.”

To build children’s strong roots and support their growth, our dedicated teachers help them to chase their dreams through cultivating positive attitudes and problem-solving skills, empowering them to become self-directed learners who venture beyond their own imagination. We believe that children can scale mountains with their minds, and create whatever they can fathom.


Franchise Opportunities are available for this brand.

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