Cultivating The Literacy Smart Kid

Under the Roof of Little Green House, budding minds have a place to bloom. Inside its warm shelter, growth is a constant season. 

Since its inception in 2005, young children have enjoyed Little Green House’s rich and stimulating educational environment. Little Green House prides itself in creating a literacy-rich and conducive environment where age-appropriate readings, activity books, audio learning stations, and current news clippings abound in reading corners available throughout all centres. Children get to access various forms of reading material which further encourages them to pick up a book and stimulates their interest in reading and the language.

Year after year, Little Green House has consistently won numerous awards and accolades, exhibiting its success in nurturing the Literacy Smart Kid that is well-prepared for their future journey in primary school and beyond!

At Little Green House, children are cared for by a dedicated team of professional preschool teachers. Each day, their minds are imbued with a love for learning and their hearts are sown with seeds of confidence. With the support of nurturing teachers, a set of engaging activities and a rock-solid curriculum, enabling them to blossom into magnificence!

Little Green House has 11 centres island-wide, including a Chinese-immersion preschool at Sin Ming that helps children become young maestros of the language, acquiring an expressive word bank of over 3,000 words, reciting more than 35 Chinese poems, and learning more than 50 Chinese idioms by age 6!


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