NASCANS Launches Revamped Professional Development Framework

NASCANS’ comprehensive Oasis Programme will help its mentors map out clear career advancement pathways and boost professional competencies.

Singapore, 23 October 2020 – NASCANS, the leading Student Care and Kindergarten Care brand under the umbrella of Global Eduhub, launched the Oasis Programme, a revamped professional development framework, for its student care mentors. This initiative supports NASCANS’ belief that besides its holistic programmes and carefully crafted environment, its mentors play a pivotal role in the lives of children.

“Like the importance of water in the oasis, we value our mentors and strongly believe in investing in their professional development by providing clear career advancement structure that defines the opportunities, rewards, career pathways and the training required for them to expand their professional capacities,” said Mdm Susan Sim, Head of Research and Development (Training & Curriculum) of Global Eduhub.

Mdm Sim, who has 20 years of experience in Singapore’s Ministry of Education Primary Schools as a Gifted Education Programme teacher, a Head of Department (Science), and her last post as a Head of Department (School Staff Developer), began helming the Research and Development Team of Global Eduhub in August. With her vast knowledge of the trends and updates of the primary school curriculum and her expertise in training and developing teachers, the Oasis Programme was designed to strengthen the support for the professional growth of NASCANS mentors.

Mapping out A Comprehensive Career Roadmap

NASCANS values its educators and wishes to support their professional growth. Be it a mentor, a senior mentor, a master mentor, an assistant centre supervisor or a centre supervisor, the Oasis programme will delineate the career pathways, desired competencies, and training programmes for mentors to help them grow.

The programme will roll out role profiles to provide greater clarity in terms of the expectations of their work at each job grade and guide them to achieve the desired student, professional, and organisational outcomes that are aligned to NASCANS’ Mission and Vision.

Boosting Educators’ Competencies

NASCANS envisions mentors to be The Competent Professional, The Collaborative Learner, and The Community Builder.

In the revamped programme, the appraisal framework will go beyond an evaluation of a staff’s performance to prioritise the holistic development of a teacher, guided by the 3 teacher outcomes. Opportunities will be given for mentors to partake in reflective practice under the mentorship of senior and master mentors as well as through professional dialogue with their colleagues during weekly time-tabled professional learning. This allows mentors to identify their learning needs in a timely fashion, seek out resources and peer-support, as well as attend appropriate training courses to upgrade their knowledge, skills, and competencies. Just like the cohesive characteristic of water, NASCANS hope that its mentors will nurture the collaborative spirit to always come together and learn from one another, so that everyone can grow individually and as a team of competent professionals.

Training will also be bite-sized and byte-sized, or take the form of flipped learning, whenever appropriate. Apart from the mandatory courses, NASCANS’ mentors can also opt to attend courses that are not work-related but nurtures their interest or for their leisure. For instance, mentors who are interested in honing their skills in a particular sport can attend basketball or softball classes, which they can apply for through the new Learning Management System.

Strengthening Support for Professional Development of NASCANS mentors

All in all, the revamped professional development framework seeks to G.R.O.W NASCANS mentors as the Oasis Programme spells out the Goals, recognises the Realities, provide Opportunities for training and development and takes into account the Will of each individual mentors.




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