Little Green House voted Best Literacy Programme for 2023/24

It Gives Us Great Pleasure To Announce That Little Green House Has Been Conferred The Best Literacy Programme Award For The Fourth Time In The Annual Parents World Best Preschool Award 2023/24!

Parents World, the leading Parenting and Lifestyle Magazine in Singapore has been around for almost 20 years, guiding modern parents and parents-to-be. Their judges awarded the Best Literacy Programme to Little Green House for its robust academic Literacy SMART!™ curriculum, developed by the same team of curriculum experts from the award-winning Mulberry Learning preschool. Moreover, creative enrichment programmes and practical hands-on activities supplement the curriculum, providing children with the proper knowledge, skills and attitudes to prepare for the future in primary school.

Little Green House’s programmes emphasise developing children’s basic, intermediate and advanced literacy skills. Age-appropriate readers, periodicals and the latest news articles are readily available at each centre to stimulate the children’s interest in real-world occurrences and continuously expose them to a literacy-rich environment.

Furthermore, the team of highly experienced and dedicated educators at Little Green House engages the children with fun activities, quick quizzes, storytelling, and book-sharing sessions. These prompt children to interact with their peers as well as pique their curiosity and interest, bringing to light their full intellectual, social, physical, and creative potential, transforming them into budding writers, fluent readers and confident speakers.

There is no wonder Little Green House has consistently won numerous awards over the years, including the award from Singapore’s Child magazine for “Best Literacy Programme” in 2020 for the fourth consecutive year.

Read Parents World’s full review here.