Global EduHub’s Dean of Curriculum & Research awarded the Bronze Rex Karmarveer Medal in 2020

Singapore, 5 September 2020 – Dr Henry Toi, Global EduHub’s Dean of Curriculum & Research, was awarded the Bronze Rex Karmarveer Medal for his book “Think to Thrive” at the inaugural Global Door Awards through a Virtual Convention this year. The Rex Karmarveer Medal is empowered by the Karmaveer Chakra instituted by iCONGO in partnership with the United Nations. Each year, the Global Door Awards honor global writers who are champions for positive change. Winners are chosen solely on the credibility of their work and undergo an extensive panel review and interview process.

Golden Door was featured by Asia One and Business Insider in February 2020 as the World’s First International Writers’ Awards that aims to transform digital content and printed literature by acknowledging non-fiction writers for their high quality of writing and also for being agents of truth and integrity.

“We need to recognise and reward the key texts that not only shift away from falsities but also play a part in creating a positive impact by delivering good works. As part of this ‘age of concentration’, we must begin an effort to determine what information is truly essential for us to read and assimilate.” said Tahira Amir Sultan Khan, the founder of The Golden Door.

Dr Henry Toi’s book “Think to Thrive” examines the basis of thinking and introduces a fundamental model of a process of good thinking called PEARL. This simple and effective tool can be utilised to enhance thinking in every situation we face. The PEARL model is applicable both in the classroom and in the boardroom.