“At Nurture Craft, we envision a world with teachers who understand the importance of teaching to think. A world in which every parent understands their child’s strengths and how to nurture the child to reach his full potential.”

Established for over 20 years, Nurture Craft is constantly inspired by a host of luminaries in the world of thinking and learning, in the likes of Professor Arthur Costa, Dr Bena Kallick, Professor Tony Buzan, Dr Branton Shearer, Dr Marilee Adams and many others. It specialises in best-in-class globally renowned frameworks like Habits of Mind, Multiple Intelligences, Mindfulness, Mind Mapping and Growth Mindset, amongst others.

These frameworks allow Nurture Craft to provide a wide-range of leading children’s magazines, enrichment programmes, and high quality education materials. Over the years, Nurture Craft has supported numerous Preschools, Primary schools, and Secondary schools with top-notch teaching training courses and student enrichment programmes. 

Website: www.nurturecraft.com