An Oasis Between School and Home

Established in 2006, NASCANS is a leading student care and kindergarten care brand with over 20 locations in partner MOE schools and residential communities, providing students with “an Oasis between School and Home”. NASCANS has recently been awarded ‘Best Student Care Programme in Holistic Development’ under the Best Enrichment and Learning Schools 2022/23 category by Parents World Magazine and in 2018, it also achieved the accolade of Singapore’s Top Brand for Student Care under the annual Influential Brands® Award.

“Children develop positive thinking habits, leadership skills and strength of character through structured and fun learning activities.”

At NASCANS, every child enjoys a well-rounded development that equips them with critical thinking skills and nurtures positive character traits. Children should enjoy learning and they deserve to discover and develop their innate talents. Interactive elements with plenty of encouraging words are infused into lessons, making every session fun and enjoyable for every child.

To complement children’s learning in school, our in-house R&D team have developed a proprietary holistic curriculum framework and pedagogy set in accordance with MOE’s 21st Century Competencies model. 

Since each child is unique, with different learning capabilities and different intelligences, students at NASCANS community-based centres undergo the MI 27 Profiling and MI Detailed Assessment to identify their strengths and areas for improvement. This sets the groundwork for teachers and informs them how they can help each child to maximise his or her potential.

Our comprehensive Oasis Programme, a revamped professional development framework, is also put in place to help Student Care and KCare mentors map out clear career advancement pathways and boost professional competencies of our staff. This initiative supports our belief that besides our holistic programmes and carefully crafted environment, our mentors play a pivotal role in the lives of children.

With these, students will develop an unquenchable thirst for knowledge that will prepare them for life beyond school!



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