“To be a castle where quests unfold and adventures begin.”

A premium brand catering to the international community, Alphabet Playhouse is the oldest and one of the most well established childcare brands under our care. Since 1995, numerous young explorers have been empowered to unearth rare gems of knowledge and discover a dazzling treasure of fun and friendship!

“An Amazing Growth Journey”

At Alphabet Playhouse, children get to embark on a journey of knowledge and discovery through fun and adventurous learning. They learn more about the world around them and uncover their full potential with the help of our dedicated teachers, our top-of-the-line outdoor facilities and our robust curriculum!

Do you believe that every child has the ability and power to nurture their skills and qualities? With effort and perseverance, we believe that they can! This belief forms the foundation of our curricular materials, known as the “Growth Mindset”, a popular concept by world-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck, which inspires every child to learn and grow!

Alphabet Playhouse was also voted as having Singapore’s Best Integrated Learning Programme in the Parents World Best Preschool Awards 2022/23.

All children in Alphabet Playhouse who come from over 15 countries like Japan, France, UK, Australia, India and the USA can look forward to top-notch education that promises an amazing growth journey!

Website: www.alphabetplayhouse.com.sg