Our group’s founder, Mdm. Cici Koh, was originally trained as an accountant. After graduating from school, she spent several years working as an accountant, but soon found the work to be repetitive and lacking a deeper purpose. That was when she decided to leave the field and venture out in search of something more meaningful – something with the power to positively impact others. And so her journey in education began.

In 1992, she started a business to provide speech and drama programmes and Chinese enrichment programmes to preschools and primary schools. She also brought numerous Chinese cultural shows and performances to expose the children to Chinese culture. As she started to interact more and more with preschools and young children in the 1990s, it dawned on her that the overall quality of preschool education was not very high. She knew that children are highly impressionable in their early years and able to learn at a fast pace. Yet, the programmes available were not able to fully maximize this potential. She felt an urge to do something to improve how preschools were run, and what programmes were made available to preschool children. She imagined how wonderful it would be for young children to be molded with the right values and exposed to interesting programmes right from a young age.

In 1995, she made her foray into the preschool sector through her first preschool at Alphabet Playhouse @ Dublin. Each of her 4 sons would also become students and graduate from this preschool eventually. She soon found that managing a preschool business was not easy and often involved handling multiple operational issues and problems. She became experienced and adept at solving problems and improving processes to deliver better quality experiences to families. However, she wasn’t content at stopping at one preschool, as her vision was to spread quality education to more families islandwide. At the same time, she also realized that her teachers would have limited career advancement opportunities within a single preschool structure. Deep inside, she knew she could do more for her staff.

That sparked her to set up more preschools in the following years. In 2003, a preschool in Bukit Batok was added. This was followed in 2004-2005 by 4 more preschools in Kovan, Jurong East and Choa Chu Kang. By 2011, the group had expanded to over 15 preschools, and the Global EduHub HQ entity was established to provide centralized support functions to fuel the further growth of the group.

Today, the group has grown to manage over 50 school operations across Singapore, China and Australia, and has expanded into a diversified educational group, with related businesses in enrichment, educational publications, teacher training and corporate programmes.