Making Continuous Progress

For 25 years, we have been relentlessly improving our “personal best” and chasing perfection. People working in Global EduHub aren’t easily contented with the status quo. We know that the world is changing fast, and there are always better and faster ways of doing things. We challenge legacy systems and ask “why”. We dream of new ideas and ask “why not”. We look at parallel industries and wonder if applications can be made in education. We don’t just think, but we make things happen, big and small, to help the organization grow stronger day by day.

Learn to Grow

Being in education, we know that failing is part and parcel of the learning curve for anyone, and that the most successful ideas often emerge after going through multiple iterations and countless failures. We have a culture where it is safe to experiment and try new things, where it is alright to fall down and make mistakes. What is important is that we learn from the mistakes and become stronger in the process. What is also important is that we don’t get disheartened by a poor result but instead be able to bounce back to do things better the next time around. Because in our speak, to fail is to succeed, and to learn is to grow.

Living the Values

We believe that our core values form the bedrock of our organization, and guide our decisions and actions every day. We have five core values, namely Integrity, Excellence, Empathy, Innovation and Passion. Integrity is about reminding ourselves to always think right, and do right, in any scenario. Excellence means that we go the extra mile to be extraordinary or deliver “wow” experiences. Empathy involves putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes to feel and understand what they are going through. Innovation points to how we will always find a way to solve problems, even when odds are stacked against us. And Passion means that we come to work with a spring in our step, because we absolutely love the work that we are doing.