“To help individuals and organisations increase their brain asset”

Brain Capital Group focuses on the process of thinking smarter and doing more with less time and effort. It provides executive training solutions to help working professionals and corporations transform thinking and productivity in the arenas of Mind Mapping, Creativity, Memory and Speed Reading, Project Management, Personality Profiling and Talent Profiling. 

“We teach you how to work with the brain’s natural propensitives”

With training methods based on the latest discoveries in Neuroscience and Psychology, Brain Capital Group has worked with over 100 clients such as Singapore Airlines, Sony Entertainment Pictures, Intercontinental Hotels, Roche, National University Hospital, Jurong Health, Singapore General Hospital, Cerebos, J Walter Thompson, BP, Barclays, HSBC, and the list of esteemed thought leaders include Professor Tony Buzan, Dr. Marilee Adams, Dr. Branton Shearer and Michael Gelb.

Website: www.braincapitalgroup.com.sg